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World Cancer Congress 2024 press accreditation

Over 2,000 medical specialists, scientists, NGO and civil society representatives, Ministers of Health, high-level United Nations representatives, and people living with or affected by cancer, are expected to attend the event at the International Conference Center in Geneva. 

Highlights of the World Cancer Congress programme:  

  • Innovation in cancer prevention and care 
  • Patient-centred care, including psychosocial support and the importance of socio-economic factors in cancer recovery
  • The impact of antimicrobial resistance on cancer care and ensuring sustainable and equitable access to effective medicines
  • Women’s cancers: the need to develop integrated approaches to care
  • Addressing global disparities in childhood cancer outcomes
  • Tobacco control, strategies to counter industry influence and regulate new products 
  • Links between alcohol and cancer
  • Improving access to cancer care in LMICs and extending cancer care to the most vulnerable, including refugees, displaced people, and underprivileged communities. 

The programme will also feature abstract-led sessions showcasing implementation science and new studies relevant to cancer control.

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