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The threat of antimicrobial resistance to cancer treatment and survival is a priority for UICC. Currently, knowledge and awareness of the impact of antimicrobial resistance on cancer outcomes within the cancer community is low. It is urgent that oncology professionals, cancer advocates, programme managers, patient groups and other stakeholders working in the field of cancer understand and address the factors that contribute to the development and spread of AMR and strategies for infection control.

In this regard, UICC will develop information to increase awareness and support the cancer community to come together and drive policy change, taking forward the WHO global action plan on antimicrobial resistance.

AMR control supplement document

To sustain focus on the issue and mobilize action on addressing AMR, a special supplement of AMR Control emphasizing the impact of AMR on cancer care outcomes and was launched at the World Cancer Congress 2022. Written by over 50 experts committed to researching the scale of AMR and to finding workable solutions, the supplement is an excellent reference for the cancer community as well as being a key resource for advocacy efforts.

Video: antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and its impact on cancer care
Union for International Cancer Control
Antibiotic resistance threatens modern cancer care
Actions We Must Take | Antimicrobial Resistance Fighter Coalition
Video: Why AMR is a major issue for cancer treatment and care
Video: Special Focus Dialogue - Drugs don't work (AMR / Antibiotic resistant bacteria)
Causes of AMR
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week social media banners
Union for International Cancer Control
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Latest news and blog articles about AMR

UICC leads discussion on AMR's impact on cancer care at UN side event in New York

A British-Indian woman, Dr Sonali Johnson of UICC, delivers a speech at a podium with UN logos on a backdrop behind her
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Cancer, antimicrobial resistance and community engagement

Black health care nurse reviews medication
Satya Sivaraman
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UICC unites the cancer community to address antimicrobial resistance ahead of the 2024 UN high-level meeting

Close up on hand medical technicians working on bacterial culture and drug resistance of pathogens in laboratory.
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Three tips for paediatric cancer infection management

A child wearing a headscarf facing the camera is opening a present, while another present on the table is in front of a younger child with bald head, face turned away.
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How to contain the threat of antimicrobial resistance to people living with cancer?

Researcher at his desk
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Podcast "Let's Talk Cancer": Superbugs and drug resistance: a threat to humanity

woman taking antibiotics
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Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) or drug resistance, including antibiotic resistance, is a growing public health issue and needs urgent attention in countries around the world. Due to a variety of factors, people with cancer are particularly vulnerable to AMR, which is threatening the progress being made in cancer care.

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The threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and its impact on cancer treatment is a priority for UICC.

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