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UICC offers the following types of membership

Full membership

Available to organisations, networks or entities that are substantially engaged in evidence-based cancer control or research and have appropriate organisational structures. Full members may submit nominations for the Board of Directors and may submit activity proposals to the Board.
Annual dues: CHF 3,000

Associate membership

Available to organisations, networks or entities that support UICC objectives.
Annual dues: CHF 1,500

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Please note that processing your application will only take one week. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Membership will become effective upon UICC approval of the application and receipt of the first annual membership dues.

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By ticking this box, your organisation agrees to comply with UICC's Membership Principles and agrees to UICC's Privacy policy. Please also note that by joining UICC membership, you agree that your organisation (and key staff members) will be at times introduced to other member organisations, to facilitate networking and collaboration.

Section 1 - Organisation details

Type of membership requested
Organisation Type
Is cancer control the main activity of your organisation?

Please note that this description will be used on the website with your organisation's profile.
Does your organisation focus on a specific cancer?
If you answered ‘yes’, please specify (Focus on specific cancer)
In which of the three UICC areas of work are you interested? (Priority interest)

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