UICC's opportunities in the African region

African region

Current and future opportunities in the region

Regional Flagship initiative - Building Bridges: towards an integrated partnership for Women’s Cancer in Francophone Africa

In the context of the call to action made by WHO to eliminate cervical cancer and its Strategy, in 2018 the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) and UICC joined forces to improve the integration and coordination of partnerships to tackle women's cancers in Francophone Africa. Find out more here

Fellowships of one month aimed specifically at health workers and professionals working in cancer who are based in Francophone Africa. The award amount is between 2,000 and 3,400 USD, appropriately justified according to the project and the selected country.

UICC staff brainstorming around the table

With over 1,150 members from 172 countries and territories across all regions, UICC recognises that all members have a unique combination of challenges and needs depending on their many different organisational models, contexts and cultures.

Asia Pacific region

UICC's opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region

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UICC's support in the Eastern Mediterranean region

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UICC's support in the European region

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