UICC's opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region

Asia Pacific region

Current and future opportunities in the region

Regional Flagship initiative - Patient Group Mentoring programme

The Patient Group Mentoring programme is a tailored mentorship programme dedicated to strengthening the skills and networks of a representative cohort of patient support groups at the regional level.

Chinese partnership: Building collaboration in the Belt & Road countries for stronger cancer control

In 2019, UICC and CACA started a three-year partnership to accelerate cancer control within the country and the broader region, which encompasses the following:

A CACA-UICC co-sponsored session at the Chinese Conference on Oncology

UICC and CACA joined forces to gather UICC Members from Belt & Road countries on the occasion of the 2019 Chinese Conference on Oncology which took place on 16-18 August in Chongqing, through delivering a co-sponsored session.

To strengthen the collaborations between the member organisations from the Belt & Road countries, a similar session will be organised for the next edition.

Chinese Fellowships

As part of the collaboration with CACA, eight cancer professionals from China were selected in 2019 to receive a UICC Technical fellowship. Each fellow had the opportunity to visit leading international institutions to equip them with new skills and techniques and attended an award ceremony during the Chinese Conference on Oncology.

Launched in 2018 as a pilot initiative to respond to a voiced need in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, the programme aims to ensure that patient groups have the knowledge, capacity and connections to make a difference in their own health systems and beyond.

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CACA Conference China

UICC and the China Anti-Cancer Association (CACA), a recent UICC Vanguard Partner, have initiated an ambitious three-year partnership to accelerate cancer control within the region and globally.

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UICC staff brainstorming around the table

With over 1,150 members from 172 countries and territories across all regions, UICC recognises that all members have a unique combination of challenges and needs depending on their many different organisational models, contexts and cultures.

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