Latin America

UICC's support in the Latin American region

Latin America region

Current and future opportunities in the region

There are currently no particular opportunities exclusive for the Latin American region. However, information about upcoming opportunities will come soon. 

UICC staff brainstorming around the table

With over 1,150 members from 172 countries and territories across all regions, UICC recognises that all members have a unique combination of challenges and needs depending on their many different organisational models, contexts and cultures.

African region

UICC's opportunities in the African region

Asia Pacific region

UICC's opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region

Eastern mediterranean region

UICC's support in the Eastern Mediterranean region

European region

UICC's support in the European region

North America region

UICC's support in the North American region

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Wednesday 30 August 2023

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