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Speakers at 2012 World Cancer Congress Montreal

Data released in September 2018 indicates that the global cancer burden has risen to 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million cancer deaths. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimates that one-in-five men and one-in-six women worldwide will develop cancer over the course of their lifetime, and that one-in-eight men and one-in-eleven women will die from the disease. This accounts for more deaths worldwide than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Cancer is an urgent global challenge and all stakeholders including the governments, civil societies, scientific and medical communities as well as the private sector must take measures to scale up prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and care services.

What makes UICC unique

  • Only global cancer organisation in the world representing all cancer types and entire cancer spectrum

  • Uniting a common voice for cancer in the international space through its formal relations with the World Health Organization – WHO

  • Connecting the most influential decision leaders in cancer control through its platforms

  • Addressing unmet needs and building the capacity of its 1000+ members in 170 countries

  • A strong track record and effective suite of programs and tools to deliver impact on the ground

Become a champion for cancer control

We value our partnerships and strive to build mutually beneficial relationships. Given each partnership is unique and evolves with time, we have designed a flexible ‘Champions Programme’ that allows you to support our priorities that are complementary to your own objectives. 

Through our partners’ support of UICC’s core priorities, we are uniquely placed to deliver a portfolio of global initiatives with excellence.

Convening the world's leaders for innovative, wide-reaching, cancer control initiatives

Building capacities and developing innovative tools so cancer organisations can do a better job tomorrow than they do today

Following through on past advocacy successses and transforming global into local actions

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Partnership is at the heart of our strategy, with our members, governments, companies and individuals.

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Our partners' expertise and engagement are fundamental to drive long-term and measurable changes in cancer control.

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Find out more how UICC and its partners are working together and connecting for global impact.

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UICC continues to deliver impact for cancer care through strategic partnerships. Find out how in our Partner related news and blog articles below.

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